Not my age. The days I have been without Long Covid.

It’s been a bit quiet on here what with pandemic, hence all groupwork and 121 breathwork sessions needed to be halted.

But the real reason for delay is that in March 2020 I contracted covid in first UK wave, and 7 months after I had had open heart surgery, a triple bypass, so my immune system was struggling, but luckily I didn’t have a heart attack.

    In this, the first week of 2023, my overseas readers may not be aware that Brexit Britain is in severe trouble with a shortage of ambulances. This is not the first time there was no ambulances available in Central London. In March 2020 the new Covid virus took them all.

On 20th March 2020 I collapsed in Camden High Street and looked after by Community Police while awaiting an ambulance. Nothing for 45 minutes. There was hardly any traffic along the High Street for some reason but one of the Community Police spotted an ambulance approaching and standing in the middle of the road WAIVED IT DOWN, begging to STOP.


They said they couldn’t attend as they were on their way to get PPE and only one paramedic had a mask on due to lack of supplies. They finally were persuaded by Police to check me out. Then they agreed to forget the collection of PPE but drive back to local Hospital A&E with me.

He said :” . . it won’t take long, but I have to warn you that you take responsibility for entering A&E. You will be the only person with staff in it, as the whole A&E has been transformed into a Covid ward.”. He was correct.

I was put on drip, had bloods taken twice with a 4 hour interval and was able to be discharged at 1 am with suspected Covid but no need for a ventilator. There was no covid test at that time, they only went by symptoms for hospitalisation. Feeling much better after the drip I walked home.

But the next day Covid hit me bad and I didn’t eat for 6 days. It felt close to death and I surpassed it. I had no idea what was to follow . . .

2 years 9 months of Long Covid.


Today I am 53 days free of Long Covid with no symptoms

I really do think it’s OVER and will be writing about Breathwork and Long Covid very soon.

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