david91DAVID PARKER  has over 25 years experience with groupwork as a Breathworker, Life Coach & Trainer,
leading Residentials, Seminars and Workshops in the UK, Australia, South America, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Spain and Goa in India.

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He introduces 12 Step Programme material into his work as one solution for codependency recovery, as it is the most successful behavioural recovery programme in the world, but seminars contain little actual 12 step study work, unless specified. The internet offers more information on this spiritual model of healing and rebirth. You could start here :

David uses Rebirthing Breathwork as body meditation every day of each Seminar to process stored emotional memories.

Each seminar has it’s own Altar of focus which changes for each global destination.

This is the Altar for the 2008 Inner Child 3 Day Residential Weekend in Estonia, which used to be part of Soviet Russia, before Estonian Independence in 1991.Throughout each weekend post-it notes are handed to each participant, to write down thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories as they come up, to be placed at any time into the bags on the Altar as an act of surrender. One is for notes to Spirit Energies you describe for yourself – The GOD BOX. Another is for past SHAMES we call the SIN BIN and the last bag is for RESENTMENTS called THE GRUDGE DRAWER.

After the final Rebirthing Breathe we perform a Fire Ceremony with the bags and contents. It all looks and sounds a bit New Age, hippy-dippy but it really isn’t. 










If you would like to organise or produce for me, even small groups, or add a Seminar on Addiction/Codependency to you current training programme, anywhere – just contact.