Booze & chems are not the only Addictions. Help is at hand for cut down or cut out.


I’ve been there, addiction gave me up in 1982. This Recovery Coach in London is 38 years clean of drugs, booze and nicotine, offering a bespoke service.

12 Steps?, No Steps?, Just Coaching?, Cut Down or Cut Out? You decide . . . 
There are as many addictions as the varied graffiti on this wall in London’s Shoreditch, including alcohol, sex and people. Life traffic is stressfully fast with daily platform overload, no wonder we reach out for release. Switching to different addictions is easy but management is not and the result is secretive chaos living.

Help is at hand. Send an email to arrange a call. Or use that phone attached to your wrist. Talking to someone who has been there about the things you can’t control is a beginning in understanding where you can apply HARM REDUCTION even if you have never had counseling, therapy or coaching before. David has over 30 years experience in helping people to fix themselves. Direction and the desire for it, is all you need.