F2F Somatic Breathwork Coaching Sessions.

In 1988 WEEKLY sessions of Rebirthing Breathwork was the norm, 10 sessions with a man & 10 sessions with a woman, to clear suppressed emotional material, process into integration and give time TIME to act out actions required. It cost £50 for a 2 hour session back then and being freelance I found it difficult to find this every week, but I did. Sometimes I needed to delay payment until a cheque came in, but my Breathworker Hilary Totah said it was OK with agreement. I now offer the same solution for finding funds.

Sessions are no longer weekly ( unless requested ) but FORTNIGHTLY or MONTHLY depending on assessment, need or budget.

I sacrificed other things to complete and even went on to do the Loving Relationship Breathwork Coaching Training as Practitioner. That took 3 years, ending with me being one of the Logistics Managers on 4 day Weekend Seminars with 120 participants and 36 Practitioner assistants, twice a year.

American Trainers like Sondra Ray, Bob & Mallie Mandel and Rhonda Levand brought experience, new relationship technology and an emotional boost to the UK table. I assisted all of them and learnt so much.

Diana Roberts the only UK LRT Trainer, created Rebirthing 2000 in the 80’s to train people like myself. Our Birthing Mother sadly passed over in May 2017 but leaves behind her legend, approach and clarity of service.


As this site indicates, BREATHWORK has moved on from New Age to Internet Age to Neuroscience brain technology. Addiction in all it’s forms are now commonplace, including digital devices use, it’s no longer about coke, dope and booze. STRESS & PTSD is now the number one issue with DEPRESSION as companion, especially here in the UK with austerity and BREXIT shambles.

Somatic Breathwork can assist in harm reduction and change, as well as RELATIONSHIP COACHING, Work/Life Balance and CODEPENDENCY recovery. Recall how long it took to reach the space of walking through treacle, STUCK in patterns and low energy to deal with it. Recovery takes time and practice, offer yourself this gift.


Check out 2 things before you consider sessions. 

Procrastination, People-Pleasing, Projection and Perfectionism. These 4 p’s will take you hostage. The great poet, artist and visionary William Blake said ‘ Don’t say you are trapped in a cage when someone has handed you the key’. Unless you prefer victimhood.

Finding money is often a block to self-care. Work out what you spend on the usual instant gratification escape routes, retail, food, unused gym membership , sudden trips away on CC cards, drugs, coke, booze and slap-up meals. Not much change out of that lot these days for a temporary reprieve.

Someone gave me 2 hours of their time when I was in deepest despair in 1982, when I needed to stop drinking and drugging and and I have been alcohol and substance free from that meeting. . . 

. . . Which is why I offer a FREE 2 hour Introduction to Coaching + Breathwork with no obligation to continue with anything. It’s just a chance to explain the process more and find out your needs, plus whether we can work together.

Sessions are no longer weekly ( unless requested ) but FORTNIGHTLY or MONTHLY depending on need or budget. Afternoons, Evenings and Weekends. No static bookings of same day / time each session. Flexible booking. 

Perfect for shift workers, travellers and those breaking the habit of workaholic time demands. No advance session payments required on any session and no sign-ups for more.

Please send Introductory email to rebirthyourlife@gmail.com detailing who you are, background, needs and whether you are new to Breathwork. This really helps. Your journey begins.