Global Seminar Feedback


“with a clientele of International DJ’s. Promoters, Producers & dedicated clubbers . . .. . DAVID PARKER has unwittingly become “CLUBLANDS THERAPIST”– TIME OUTLondon’s leading Listings Magazine



“It’s 2011 – my first Personal Development Seminar was with David’s COME OUT OF THE COMA Weekend in Tallinn 2004 – it changed my life completely and I have attended each of his seminars since then every year in Estonia – I had no idea how alcohol in my family affected all my adult relationships . . .

5832588041_16b45888dd_b. . I am no longer a victim .” / Merit – Estonia

“Thank you so much for your admirable work David & I did enjoy your course a lot. I happened to come to this course of co-dependency accidentally (I thought that it would be just breathwork) and learned at the course that it is co-dependency which is actually my basic problem. On the second breathing session I experienced “my voice “, great forgiveness to my mother and after that there was ULTIMATE HEAVEN, a point of dissolving into the Oneness, JOY and ECSTASY. It was so powerful that I did not want to come back to earth. ” / Katrin – Estonia


“Bridget Jones, like David comes from the UK and his COMA Weekend Seminar addresses all the behaviours, like Bridgets, that affect urban women and the men that can’t commit. Never has a training been more playful yet so serious – this material is new to Estonia – but the problem of Alcohol in the family is the legacy of Soviet times that we MUST address”.

STILL –Estonia’s leading Fashion & Style Magazine

“How refreshing to address our urban addictions – mine was simply taking on too much, procrastination and no time for myself. David’s style is certainly unique – dolls, toys, ABBA and Hard House! I learnt so much – now it’s time for ACTION. ”
Kertuu Soans – UKS Magazine : fashion / style / health – ESTONIA



”  EYE-OPENING!!- these past 3 days have been a great investment in the start of my healing journey to find my true self ” M.B. Toronto

This amazing weekend brought to the surface all the nagging doubts and bugga boos about myself, it allowed me to recognize and release negative feelings. This has created a total shift in energy, motivation, desire and positive action ” J.D Toronto

” Listening to the other participants over 3 days sharing their stories humbled me into great sadness, tears and shame around my own feelings. By Day 3 OUT OF MY COMA – I felt relaxed and ready for CHANGE. ” G.S. Toronto Psychotherapist

” the 3 day process elicited significant memories, mostly from childhood, allowed me to acknowledge and release associated pain, giving me new insights. I got more of the REAL story of my life and it’s impact so that I understand better who I am now with more forgiveness toward myself and others, more acceptance love and respect ” Suzy – Breathworker – Canada

A member of my family is alcoholic and this informative tough weekend has been cathartic with personal revalations, I would highly recommend to training to anyone but especially those affected by alcohol and frustration  ” Anon. CANADA

“As a Reiki Master I am used to experiencing awareness, oneness, love & light, but after this weekend of self discovery I can pass on this message – that if one is open with intent to face their fears and codependency – anything is possible! This safe training led by David has braced me for change. ” Steven. TORONTO

The appreciation I and all the seminar participants feel for you, David, is beyond words – as is the work you facilitate.  You are a professional through and through.  As you know, I’ve organized for many other top international seminar leaders like Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Dr Sandra Segal, and others since the early 1980’s.  Working with you was easy and pleasurable and you created a space of safety and respect for a difficult topic, ‘Come out of the Coma’.

The level to which people went to so deeply, so quickly, was unique and amazed me.  It is seldom I have experienced participants go to that level so fast – the healing was profound. Since their participation in the seminar people have reported big changes.  I’ve seen the changes when they come to me for Rebirthing.
Thanks you so much David, we look forward to your return.

Tamara Penn RIHR MBW – Toronto CANADA



p_wayne2“You have a great delivery style, no room for boredom when YOU are speaking, and great knowledge of specialist subject matter. What impressed me was your willingness to be completely honest about your experiences and total commitment to the “well-being ” of all participants in the process – Yes, I had a great time! “- L.D. Adelaide Australia.

“Thank you for your life-changing workshop yesterday. I loved the way you weaved your inspiring story together with humour and thought-provoking questions that transformed my heart and mind in a way that very few workshops have.

Your authenticity , street wisdom and sensitivity to what each individual needs in the room is extra-ordinary. I can’t wait to bring more people to your workshops in future – We’ve all been touched by your magic.” –

WAYNE ENRIGHT / Free Spirit Adventures Courses

10154077_10152432663147766_3705867781336075412_n“A truly amazing 3 days. David encouraged us to gently take off our blinders and see what is happening around us. I had many ” lightbulb” moments when I was telling my story and listening to others and felt totally comfortable opening up, which is not easy for me. I would tell anyone to ” RUN” not Walk to a session, class, workshop or seminar with David when he’s around. The love, trust and deep sharing has been incredible and I feel forever changed. No turning back now! “- Michael /Adelaide South Australia.

n757785897_1754733_7468 “I was so excited about David coming to Adelaide, after reading his various blogs and facebook posts. I just knew that he would bring to us . . . ( insert marvelous and extravagant verbs ‘cos I can’t think of any fabulous enough to express how I feel after attending his workshops ) . . . opportunities to reveal, look at and choose to discard more of the crap!! I knew that after 20 years of working on myself that I’m fairly healed . . . NOT!! . . . there’s always another layer, another possibility. Thank you David for giving your valued experience to us and when you return in future” – Dr Elise Carr : Discipline of Anthropology and Development Studies, University of Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA 

38866_1475603083881_1047835798_31386350_1541910_nThank you David for your fabulous work and insights into the subtleties of addictions and co-dependence. I personally had some great new realisations, and after doing this “work” for nearly 20yrs , it is amazing to get new and refreshing ideas. Your workshops were easy and relaxed, and your style of presenting very respectful. I watched people who had never done any workshops before reveal deep feelings, this is evidence of how you as a presenter/teacher provided a safe space for others to learn and heal. Thank you for your journey to Oz…….. Bronwyn Barter




“Well I can report back that it was one of the most joyous weeks of my life and perfectly placed for the beginning of the year. In fact I would say that a lot of creative planning for the months to come happened without even trying during those days…Onwards with abundance xx ( CH London England )

“What can I say about my time away except that it was deeply needed and I feel profoundly honoured to have been in the company of so many loving souls. It’s been hard to get back to normality especially as I have to say goodbye to one of my oldest friends next week, who passed over, but I now have both the courage and power to do him justice as I say my farewell whilst being strong enough for my God daughter too, and I thank David and Meleeska for love, guidance and respect that they showed me over the last week, for without these things mixed in with the healing power of laughter, I wouldn’t be able to do it!! All my love to you both, always!! XO ( M. Somerset England )

“The retreat in Marrakech was stunning, beautiful beautiful people, amazing location, huge amounts of love and even more compassion, but throw in huge gales of laughter, it was beyond superlatives. All I can say it was the first break I had taken for ten years, and boy it was worth waiting for, the people were and are amazing, the breath work powerful and simply life changing, and the laughs we had still rings in my ears , roll on 2015, best decision I ever made … Thanks David and Mell big love xx ( JD Somerset England )

READ MORE about MAROC RETREAT here : BOOK for January 2016 –


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