Coaching & Somatic Breathwork Experience


Living in Central London DAVID PARKER  has over 30 years experience as a Somatic Breathworker, Relationship Coach & Trainer, leading Breathwork, Codependency & Addiction Recovery Residential’s, Seminars and Workshops in all 5 Continents in countries including Australia, South America, Morocco, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Austria, Estonia, Spain and Goa in India as well as the UK.

In 1988 he had his first Breathwork ‘Rebirthing’ session and after a 3 year training in LONDON with Diana Roberts, Richard Norris, and from USA, Sondra Ray, Rhonda Levand, Bob & Mallie Mandel, David became a qualified Loving Relationship Training (LRT) Rebirthing Breathworker & Relationship Coach in 1991.

He now combines Breathwork with Codependency Recovery material to assist those dealing with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), workplace issues, general anxiety, depression and trauma, as well as compulsive patterning and addictions. Do check other pages and blogs on this site. 

images-1But his real adventure began in October 1982 when he had his last alcohol & drug binge and has remained clean of mood altering substances, sober & nicotine free ever since, setting him aside from other trainers in terms of long-term addiction recovery, personal experience, pragmatism in solution and approach.

He has worked counselling those affected by HIV/AIDS since 1984, and between 1994 – 96 on an unusual HIV/AIDS project ( The Helios Centre/Kings Cross London ) those with CD4 counts under 50, secretly funded by George Michael and Elton John, assisting those in hospices to complete their lives peacefully using Conscious Connected Breathwork and a Completion of Lives Programme before passing.  

His work now involves moving forward in Codependency, Harm Reduction and Addiction Recovery that mirrors the new millennia, not New Age rhetoric, and recovery coaches those who need harm reducing tactics or support in cutting out harmful routes of emotional escape. 

In millennium year 2000, London’s weekly TIME OUT Magazine called him CLUBLAND’S THERAPIST as his clientele included DJs, promoters, music, media & fashion tribes.

His global groupwork however, attracts a more general mix of traffic, with common relationship issues, fear of change and compulsive behaviours as themes that warrant solution and maintained recovery. 

In 2010 David was made an Honorary Member of The Australian Academy of Breathwork – for his groundbreaking work and service over 2 decades as a Breathworker, Life Style Coach & Trainer. 



In 2018 David presented Evolutionary Breathwork to LINKLATERS Global Law Group for their Visability Network Employee Support Structure. Wellbeing in the Workplace.


David Parker & Leading  UK EFP Trainer Mike Delaney created the 1st Workshop of Evolutionary Breathwork & Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy in 2019.

COVID and LOCKDOWNS in 20/21 have created new opportunities to reset our lives, priorities and address what no longer works. The time is NOW to WAKE UP to YOURSELF, needs, wants and desires and develop strategies of healthier living, thinking and breathing. You deserve nothing less. ❤️