Global Seminars

The Coma of Survival is linked to CODEPENDENCY, the compulsion to be in control or to be controlled, the habit of unbalanced caring, the attachment of fear and a hidden agenda of conditional love. Everyone drifts into this unconscious Coma once in a while.

Some people wear it as a badge of procrastination while others hide past hurts & shames by busying themselves, immersed in denial. Many become motivated by fear and struggle, only coming alive by drama and scarcity.

It’s time to come out of the coma of people pleasing and approval addiction into the living breathing world of abundance and spiritual prosperity. WAKE UP! – Come Out Of the Coma!

The seed of this series of SEMINARS was planted at the Global Inspiration Conference in Queensland Australia 2003, when David presented a 3 hour workshop for 50 Rebirthers & Trainers from around the world on Codependency & Breathwork. It got spruced up in Milan Italy, then again in Venezuela, Estonia in 2004, before Venezuela once more in 2005, London in 2006, and Estonia every year since conception in ’04, with Toronto Canada in 2008, when the banks crashed and world recession started.

The World came out of its COMA.

This 2, 3, or 4 Day seminar focuses on the different models of Codependency and how society has become addicted to attachments & demands. Each seminar participant receives personal attention from David to unravel their own recovery case and group breathwork occurs each day.

We look at how alcohol or drug abuse, depression, gambling, family secrets, sexuality and emotional suppression affect children, their life into adulthood, and relationship choices made by dysfunctional backgrounds experiences. Unravel your own COMA, and come back to life, deeper breathing, healthier relationships and choices.


This series of Seminars examines Interpersonal Relationships, Families of Origin, Interdependence & Recovery tools using written and verbal exercises, informal lectures and experiential breathwork for safe emotional release.

* Learn to say NO more often when you always say Yes.

* Release people pleasing and approval addiction

* Understanding family control, duty, rescue, fixing and power games.

* Learn to create bounderies and find your own sense of self.

* Reframe friendships and relationships that no longer work.

* Discover and recover from addictive, compulsive escape routes.

* Prepare yourself for CHANGE.


The above Seminar is an Introduction to Codependent Patterning and Solutions, either for personal or professional use. No experience of Breathwork is required, nor do you need to be in a relationship or be affected by addiction. The purpose of this Seminar is to release GUILT and the encouragement to fix yourself first, before attempting to fix or rescue others.

David does not work from a manual and intuitively works with each participant and what collectively occurs during group sharing. He uses World Music, Latin Beats, House, Goa Trance & Club remixes to accompany Breathwork.

Other COME OUT OF THE COMA Seminar titles are available as follow up weekends.

Organisers/Producers can choose which subjects are locally relevant.

For each Seminar weekend David has worked with up to 50 people if local Breathworkers are at hand – but can operate successfully with 20 -30 participants with 3 other Breathworkers as assistants.

A 3 hour Evening Workshop is available for promotional purposes if David is in your area or you could organise THE SPIRIT JOG – small groups of 6-20 people adapted to local needs.



“Thank you so much for your admirable work David & I did enjoy your course a lot. I happened to come to this COME OUT OF THE COMA co-dependency weekend accidentally (I thought that it would be just breathwork) and learned at the course that it is co-dependency which is actually my basic problem. On the second breathing session I experienced “my voice “, great forgiveness to my mother and after that there was ULTIMATE HEAVEN, a point of dissolving into the Oneness, JOY and ECSTASY. It was so powerful that I did not want to come back to earth. ” / Katrin – Estonia


“As a Reiki Master I am used to experiencing awareness, oneness, love & light, but after this weekend of self discovery I can pass on this message – that if one is open with intent to face their fears and codependency – anything is possible! This safe training led by David has braced me for change. ” Steven. TORONTO

Tamara Penn RIHR MBW – Toronto CANADA

“The appreciation I and all the seminar participants feel for you, David, is beyond words – as is the work you facilitate.  You are a professional through and through.  As you know, I’ve organized for many other top international seminar leaders like Leonard Orr, Sondra Ray, Dr Sandra Segal, and others since the early 1980′s.  Working with you was easy and pleasurable and you created a space of safety and respect for a difficult topic, ‘Come out of the Coma’.

The level to which people went to so deeply, so quickly, was unique and amazed me.  It is seldom I have experienced participants go to that level so fast – the healing was profound. Since their participation in the seminar people have reported big changes.  I’ve seen the changes when they come to me for Rebirthing.
Thanks you so much David, we look forward to your return.”


“You have a great delivery style, no room for boredom when YOU are speaking, and great knowledge of specialist subject matter. What impressed me was your willingness to be completely honest about your experiences and total commitment to the “well-being ” of all participants in the process – Yes, I had a great time! “- L.D. Adelaide Australia.

“Thank you for your life-changing workshop yesterday. I loved the way you weaved your inspiring story together with humour and thought-provoking questions that transformed my heart and mind in a way that very few workshops have.

Your authenticity , street wisdom and sensitivity to what each individual needs in the room is extra-ordinary. I can’t wait to bring more people to your workshops in 2012 – We’ve all been touched by your magic.” – WAYNE ENRIGHT / Free Spirit Adventures Courses

“A truly amazing 3 days. David encouraged us to gently take off our blinders and see what is happening around us. I had many ” lightbulb” moments when I was telling my story and listening to others and felt totally comfortable opening up, which is not easy for me. I would tell anyone to ” RUN” not Walk to a session, class, workshop or seminar with David when he’s around. The love, trust and deep sharing has been incredible and I feel forever changed. No turning back now! “- Michael /Adelaide South Australia.

Elise Carr – “I was so excited about David coming to Adelaide, after reading his various blogs and facebook posts. I just knew that he would bring to us . . . ( insert marvelous and extravagant verbs ‘cos I can’t think of any fabulous enough to express how I feel after attending his workshops ) . . . opportunities to reveal, look at and choose to discard more of the crap!! I knew that after 20 years of working on myself that I’m fairly healed . . . NOT!! . . . there’s always another layer, another possibility. Thank you David for giving your valued experience to us and when you return in 2012.”     Dr Elise Carr : Discipline of Anthropology and Development Studies, University of Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Thank you David for your fabulous work and insights into the subtleties of addictions and co-dependence. I personally had some great new realisations, and after doing this “work” for nearly 20yrs , it is amazing to get new and refreshing ideas. Your workshops were easy and relaxed, and your style of presenting very respectful. I watched people who had never done any workshops before reveal deep feelings, this is evidence of how you as a presenter/teacher provided a safe space for others to learn and heal. Thank you for your journey to Oz…….. Bronwyn Barter


Feedback from the One Day Rebirthing/Codependency/Addictions Seminar in Casablanca : The Coma Of Survival January  29 2011 : Excellent but too short- come back! / David Parkers relaxed and unpretentious attitude, humour and calm way of speaking / Loved the sharing of experiences we don’t talk about / Can you come back once a month? / My first Rebirthing breathe was sensational! / Well led, adaptable complex material / Very secure and relaxed atmosphere.

The Committee of NAFS ( The Moroccan Rebirthers Association ) welcomes me to Casablanca 2011.