Diana Roberts


Monday April 24 2017

 A true supporter of Urban Lifeclass, my trainer since 1988, my loving friend of 29 years, Diana released herself yesterday after a cancerous battle.

I would not be where I am, who I am, and continue to be a Breathworker since then, if it wasn’t for Diana and for this my heart beams with gratitude. We will all miss her leadership, gentleness, humour, lack of ego, stylish rebellion and service to all who walked her path of generosity. #BREATHE 

Her extraordinary energy is still with us.

Rest in Peace dear heart.

David Parker


Diana was our  ‘Rebirthing Mother’, supporting us all with caring, compassionate wisdom and mentioned in Nicholas Albery’s book HOW TO FEEL REBORN published in 1985, though she was a pioneer of Rebirthing Breathwork in 1978 way before that time.

Sondra Ray was a founding member of the Rebirthing Process of healing trauma in the 70’s. In the mid 80’s, Diana became Sondra Ray’s Organiser/Producer for over two decades in London with The Loving Relationship Training ( LRT ) and became an LRT Trainer herself, leading Seminars around the globe and creating her own Rebirthing Practitioner Programme in London from then, and into the new century.

We were blessed to have had her extraordinary energy with us, as a leading member of our team here @ Urban Lifeclass since we started. An energetic love irreplaceable.


Diana at the back, ( left top ) – our shield, our backbone and Birthing Mother et al.


Om Namaha Shivaya



7 thoughts on “Diana Roberts

  1. Rest In Peace Diana, the most wonderful gentle soul. Sending love for Lorien and all who loved Diana. Holding the highest thoughts….and cherishing lovely memories. xxx

  2. I am so very grateful to Diana for all that she taught me, with compassion and with humour. She truly was an inspiration to our community of breathers. She will always be in my heart. Blessings upon you Diana, you wonderful being….

  3. Beatrice thank you for letting me know. David thank you for posting. I had the privilege of working closely with Diana for many years. Her intuition, courage, love and commitment to healing and development was an inspiration. My heart goes out to her daughter Lorien and if anybody has contact details pls let me know. Love and blessings to all. Ben

  4. Thank you David for these beautiful words and the photos. I would not be who I am today without Diana’ courage, commitment and love of her work. I am so grateful for the trainings and the community she created. I would really appreciate to know about her memorial, where and when is it.

  5. Thank you David for letting us know about Diana and for writing such beautiful words. So many memories of Diana, I feel full of her love and guidance and humour and quirky and intuitive wisdom. She gave and held so many people over years and years and years. Much love to her and much love to you xox

  6. Feeling shocked and very sad at this news. Diana was so very special and brought so much into my life. As we would say in LRT to. rise not fall in love, I will try to rise in life with fondest loving memories of Diana, even though my sadness right now at her loss is very very heavy. Rest in Peace dearest Diana. Xxx

  7. Such sad sad news. Diana was and will always be a huge part of my life. A very very special person. RIP Diana

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