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The Spirit Jog is a Spiritual & Emotional Fitness Programme using Rebirthing Breathwork, A Course In Miracles Material, The Toltec Four Agreements and the Codependency Recovery Work of writer Anne Wilson Schaef.

In London it is run as a one day, and a weekend seminar .

Rebirthing Conscious Connected Breathwork is perfect for those who have difficulty with switching off, or control emotional body awareness. Those in a 12 Step Recovery Programme often use it as a breathing meditation for around an hour to clear out negativity, increase energy and connect with Steps 3 & 11. Others simply enjoy the process of being in a shamanic altered state of consciousness, to experience clarity and vision, to feel alive and gain more focus in daily life.

It is not essential to have knowledge of Breathwork, 12 Steps or Personal Development experience to attend.

Outside of London this Seminar for all genders and sexualities can be created as an evening workshop, one day Seminar or 2 or 3 Day weekend experience. Contact me if you wish to organise one.

” The 12 Step Programmes are a brilliant and effective path to healing oneself. I feel they are a major spiritual path in the world today and will end up bringing more people to their own inner Spiritual connection than any other source ” – SHAKTI GAWAIN

– author of  Creative Visualisation, Return To the Garden, Living In the Light, and Path of Transformation: How Healing Ourselves Can Change the World.

 Praying photo illustration : stevee postman


This is what participants have said :

” Rebirthing group yesterday was amazing . . . I’m missing you already. Amazing Rebirthing . . amazing food . . . amazing company, what more could you ask for . . . Another Spirit Jog xx ”

” Thanks very much for yesterday. I had no idea what to expect and I certainly didn’t expect what I got. It was an amazing experience and some really new ways at looking at the way that I behave. Thank you.”

Another incredible day. Realizations and internal shifts through re birthing breath work … Thank you for being such a fantastic host and ‘holding us’ and providing the space for healing from co dependancy… xx

Thank you for being such a superb host, as I said, best day in absolutely yonks, the best 80 quid I’d spent on myself. In box me with the next date when you have decided… ♥

” Really wonderful day, so looked after and the preparation for the rebirthing, the sharing and looking at our beliefs was really brilliant. Felt I was able to let go a lot more in this rebirthing (fourth time I think) and I want to do more which is a change. Totally professional and everything was perfect, the flat itself, the soup and chocolates! Wow, what can I say – fabulous! ”

” Job well done, an Important part of what helps me get to know me a little bit better and throw some light on a few nagging doubts I may well have stored in me somewhere. I look forward to the next one ”

“ After my first session of group rebirthing I noticed that my sense of taste and associated imagery was heightened – this was great fun and I realized I could access a heightened sense of my playfulness. I also noticed that other people are smiling at me more and I’m more spontaniously open and honest with people – strangers, my son and friends. I’m also aware of places and my own behaviour in relation to danger and to exploring ways to ensure my safety, nuture and growth plus I’m aware that the nurture and growth bit may take more time and commitment. I also feel a stronger conection to what I want and motivation to get it. Perhaps I’m talking about my life having more trust and less guilt . . . ”


Another amazing experience. Thank you for making the event possible. I’m continually surprised at the stuff that comes up from like minded people working together and investing in oneself. I look forwards to the next one. x

” Fantastic day – loved it! ”

” I did rebirthing 2 months ago @ THE SPIRIT JOG with no specific expectation (I’m usually sceptical of the things I don’t know). The result blew me away, as the breath work literally reached n healed a part of my body I’ve been struggling with for 5 years, my lower back. I couldn’t have possibly foreseen that. In fact, I still can’t quite believe it :). ”


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