Bouznika Plage Casablanca October 2011

Sometimes I need to walk away from something to revitalise it.

Many do this in relationships in order to WAKE UP or to harbour the joy of what they had taken for granted and not seen. Often you can reclaim or review and this in itself is rebirth. I have been blogging on and off for 5 years on different sites, including myspace, my first step into putting things on paper with one finger typing, and needed a break – so I did just that. This coincided 9 months ago with extensive travel and my first foray into Rebirthing in Morocco at the invitation of NAFS ( The Moroccan Rebirthers Asscociation ) and meeting Nabil Scally, who opened over 2 years ago the first Bikram Yoga Studio in Morocco in Casablanca. A conception took place and it was effortless.

Here is the final goodbye shot of the Trainer, Organiser/Producer and assistants of the Rebirthing Weekend in a Beach House right on the beach in the smart resort of Bouznika, a 45 min drive from Casablanca city, and some other memories of what took place.

Over 20 of the participants were brand new to Rebirthing and the success has inspired Nabil Scally & myself to create the first Residential Spiritual Retreat in Morocco this month ( January 2012 ) in Marrakech using Yoga, Meditation & Rebirthing Breathwork. More news on that in later posts.

Here’s some feedback on BOUZNIKA :

C’était absolument extraordinaire merci Nabil, mercy David! (N.R.)

Thank you all, it was a truely amazing WE! (R.K.) une expérience inoubliable..un voyage à l intérieur de soi pour guérir ses maux et ses addictions…un partage d amour et de compassion…merci david et merci Nabil et merci à tous ceux qui ont partagé ce moment (S.E.G)

Témoinage d’une participante du Stage à Bouznika avec David Parker: “Depuis le weekend du stage je me sens plus apaisée, moins en colère et moins triste…et surtout beaucoup moins seule, car ce séminaire m’a permis de rencontrer des gens formidables et vrais qui ont partagé leurs souffrances et leurs frustrations snas complexes ni interdits…et ceci est le miracle du Rebirth- une nouvelle naissance – en ayant conscience de nos douleurs et en ne les laissant pas guider nosvies car nous les avons comprises. Merci à tous ! Devenez ce qui vous êtes ! ” S.E.

Merci beaucoup pour l’expérience, travail très intéressant et motivant pour continuer à travailler sur soit, technique à approfondir pour sûr 🙂 H.O.


Getting back to blogging is now back on my list and keeping you updated on Morocco, London, my new seminar RECYCLE YOUR LIFE in Casablanca in January, and in Adelaide, South Australia in March, during my 3 week trip to OZ, then back to London in April. In April I will be hosted by Hans Moberg, a rebirther and events organiser of many, many years to discuss bringing my work to Sweden in August 2012, than back to Morocco in May for more seminars and private sessions, so it’s deep breath – full speed ahead. Meanwhile check out these wonderful people!

Photos by Ingrid Pullar :

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