Urban LIFECLASS Monthly Breathwork in LONDON

994454_10152999202324966_144832342011017136_n1Urban LIFECLASS was devised by Performer Dickie Beau & Recovery Coach David Parker in 2013, as an umbrella CREATIVE COLLECTIVE that supports Personal Development, knowing that going alone rarely works, when isolation has often been a best friend. 

Having this in mind and the realisation that Personal Growth groups can be a bit New Agey, they brought together a fusion of talented people in LIVE ART, Fashion, Music & Media who also have the valued experience of working on themselves, and improving their well-being. 

The CREATIVE COLLECTIVE work together to manage this not-for-profit project, breed ideas, but are autonomous, individually taking responsibility for their own workshops, performances or seminars. This interdependent approach of equality, regardless of our skills and experience, releases codependent imbalance and guru style teaching. Be your own guru.


Although we attract those in the Creative Industries : Music, Media, Digital, Design, Dance, Fashion & LIVE ART  to the urbanLIFECLASS table, we welcome anyone who has laid their creativity to rest – awaiting it’s REBIRTH.

You don’t need a desire to paint a masterpiece or write a novel, but that kitchen wall you’ve been meaning to do is a beginning in picking up a brush. It’s still about CREATIVITY, ACTION and COMPLETION. So learning about procrastination or justification of in-action, will all come into play when you join our GROUPWORK in the company of non-judgemental people, who have all been there at some point, and learnt to rescue themselves. If you are in recovery from addictive thinking, habits or behaviours, then breathwork and codependency release can lead to a more CREATIVE, commanding, fulfilling life, in all areas.

10409208_929742917045149_9058229076264175111_nUrban LIFECLASS workshops & seminars use everyday language, not therapy-speak. Even if you have never had therapy, coaching, or picked up a self help book, audio tape or podcast before – secure, safe, confidential help is at hand. Meet up with a TEAM Member beforehand, if you wish, so you will know someone in the group, on arrival.

Just be yourself. 

Here is one of our team Luca Marchetto checking his phone but you can check out our CREATIVE TEAM Here : Dickie Beau, Catherine Hoffman, Luca Marchetto, Diana Roberts, Stewart Who, Robert Beck & David Parker. They all assist and serve you during Seminars and Breathwork. http://urbanlifeclass.me/the-creative-collective/


Details, booking Info and future dates are here https://rebirthyourlife.me/2015/04/03/rebrand-rethink-review-rebirth/

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