Recycle Your Life

Welcome to my new seminar for 2012 – the year of planetary awakening, shift, change and promise.

RECYCLE YOUR LIFE – Everything is Valuable.

There are so many ‘Live Your Vision – Live your Dream’ weekends to choose from based on SUCCESS as the goal, but in my experience, ( and many multi-millionaires too ) FAILURE and the inspection of it, has achieved far greater results. Taking inventory into awareness WORKS.

During low periods it is easy to feel that life is a series of wasted opportunities, failed relationships or entrapment.

But feelings aren’t facts and the fact is that nothing is wasted – everything is valuable.

Reclaiming your past as a backbone to the present and turning your life around is the core of this weekend seminar. Everything has a lesson attached to it, even those dark moments when you thought you would never make it. But you have, and your story is valuable to others. When your life is chaotic, erratic or unscheduled it creates exhaustion, lazy nutrition and lack of direction, which in turn manifests poor time management, negativity, struggle and scarcity consciousness – the mindset that says there is never enough. Even if your life is opposite to this, codependents traits like perfectionism, projection and people pleasing can hold you back from experiencing inner freedom to be who you really want to be.

Recycling rubbish into sections for proper disposal is second nature for many householders and businesses, yet our personal lives can become like the cupboard you never open. What you don’t see, can’t harm you, we have all played that game, yet we also know that hoarding old thoughts and memories that no longer serve us, slows down authenticity, freedom and peace of mind.

When I first came to Rebirthing Breathwork 24 years ago I had no idea that I was a slow breather and motivated by fear in order to get moving. Procrastination was my middle name. All I knew was that I was 6 years off drink and drugs and had to go bankrupt due to past addictions, losing home, friends, and almost my life, living with a terminal disease of the liver that progressively got worse . As you can imagine I felt a failure.

Facing the concept of failure is similar to facing death, for when you are forced to face death, you learn to live. When you learn to confront all those attachments that are holding you back, like a job that does not stimulate anymore, depression or perhaps a partner that refuses to stop drinking or deal with finances only by shouting – you start finding your voice, passion and purpose.

Even if you consider your life to be sweet, codependency can be the glue that holds you together, looking good on the outside but feeling lower than low on the inside. We have all been there at some point.

Codependency release combined with Rebirthing Breathwork has healed my body, when doctors said it was impossible, encouraged me to stay clean & sober since 1982 and allowed me to see my supposed failures as nuggets of SUCCESS.


What Is Codependency? Co-dependency is living the myth that we can make ourselves happy by trying to control people and events outside ourselves. Put another way, co-dependency may be broadly defined as “an addiction to people, behaviors, or things.” A sense of control, or lack of it, is central to everything a co-dependent does and thinks. It’s also an addiction to fear, worry and anxiety or focusing on other peoples needs before or instead of your own. Compulsive caring, advice giving and thinking you know best needs to be recycled toward YOURSELF.

Check out all your relationships, habits and thought patterns. Throwaway what you no longer want and RECYCLE YOUR LIFE. 

So if I can turn my life around, then so can you. Recycling shame, resentments, anger and past betrayals is the theme of this weekend, in a training I will be taking to Australia, Morocco & Sweden  in 2012, the year we need to WAKE UP.

” After decades of individual effort and a multitude of other attempts to heal, my  40-year addiction to binge eating lifted at David’s RECYCLE YOUR LIFE workshop.  It’s been two months now and my white knuckle relationship with food is gone, and my desire to nurture myself healthily is growing every day.  I can’t explain it other than as a miracle, probably coming from the loving, nonjudgmental atmosphere of surrender that David created.  Time with this kind and wise man has changed my life, and I trust this freedom will last.  Thank you David.  – BK. Adelaide Australia

Morocco : Presented by NAFS ( The Moroccan Rebirthing Association ) Casablanca January 28/29 2012
Australia : Presented by The Australian Academy of Rebirthing & Breathwork Adelaide, South Australia March 17/18
Sweden : Presented by Hans Moberg Stockholm October 7,8 & 9th October