F2F London Rebirthing Breathwork.

” I have recently done my first ‘Conscious Connected’ Rebirthing Breathwork session with David and not knowing what to expect, or the man that well, I went along. I shall definitely be doing it again. He has a way of getting to the core of a person, and the root of a problem. It was a beautiful, funny, emotional, wonderful experience. I have done lots of energy work, meditation and breathing exercises in the past, and was totally blown away by my experience once he started me breathing.

My body, mind and soul connected in a way it had never before, and I can only put my experience down to the unique energy and persona of this man. I definitely feel more connected to myself in a way I’ve never before, and a certain personal problem I’ve had since childhood, seems to have vanished. I’m totally amazed. I was totally surprised by the depth and intensity of my experience in the Rebirthing, and how deep he put me under. He took total care of me at all times, and where I would normally feel jumpy I felt totally safe. 

Cannot recommend him enough, and I will definitely be returning. Thank you so much “. MC – London

‘Rebirthing’ Breathwork is a safe and gentle empowerment technique using Conscious Connected Breathing for around an hour to release suppressed material and enhance aliveness – the joy of experiencing clarity. People have learnt, for whatever reason to ” lock away ” part of themselves, to avoid hidden aspects of their life, with resultant dis-ease of mind and body. The effect this breathing technique can have is to unlock these areas, to bring a person home to themselves. Rebirthing will encourage you to make your own choices in a positive way, let go of negativity and old obsolete thought patterns while exploring potential to move forward.

David released incurable Chronic Active Hepatitis B Virus from his body after 8 years of practiced Rebirthing Breathwork, creating antibodies for sero-conversion and eventual virus management. Do contact him and ask how he did it. It is also a wonderful way to de-stress the pressures of the urban city, to unwind and relax.

REBIRTHING Breathwork comes from a base of New Age & Eastern Philosophy and David honours the writers of the first book in 1977 – Rebirthing In The New Age – Leonard Orr, founder of the THETA HOUSE Movement and Sondra Ray, creator of the Loving Relationship Training (LRT). They were both pioneers and should be seen as such, but the first book that enticed DAVID PARKER  into Breathwork was REBIRTHING : The Science of Enjoying All of Your Life by Jim Leonard and Phil Laut, who went on to create VIVATION Breathing technique.

David began working with Louise Hay books and tapes in 1984 – and readers may be unaware that Louise L Hay ( You Can Heal Your Life ) was one of the early Rebirthers in the 70’s taking Leonard Orr’s recycled concept of Thought Is Creative to unimagined levels of commercial success.

After REBIRTHING – The Science Of Enjoying All Of Your Life, the second most important read became BIRTH & RELATIONSHIPS : How your Birth Affects your Relationships written by Sondra Ray and one of the first LRT Trainers Bob Mandell – published 1987, the year David discovered Rebirthing in Australia. The journey had begun.

However, evolution occurs and Breathwork must move forward in the New Age of Internet so he no longer teaches many of Orr’s Guru style methods that remain fundamentally close to the ” old way “, – that a 9 Day training makes you a Breathworker. Experience is about responsibility as much as understanding theory and while the Leonard Orr method may still attract, many more do not connect with such extreme doctrine of a quick fix or his interpretation of biblical physical immortality. The reality is that detoxification can be done in cities as well as teepees, breathwork can be done in groups as well as 121’s, in clubland as well as holistic Spas and much the better for it.

Breathwork is growing into adulthood so read as much as you can from the web and make your choices.

David Parker was trained in 1988 by LRT Trainer Diana Roberts who brought Rebirthing Breathwork to the UK in 1980. Over a 3 year period he was involved with training breathworkers with Diana’s Rebirthing 2000 Programme and all the LOVING RELATIONSHIP TRAINING (LRT) Trainers from America including Sondra Ray, Bob Mandell & Rhonda Levand. As a Certified LRT Rebirther & Relationship Coach, on LRT weekend trainings he was one of 4 logistic managers working with 36 assistants over a four day weekend for over 120 people . . .

. . .  but now we must expand the promise of Breathwork, rebrand from New Age, reach out and stop preaching to the converted. Thankfully some Breathwork Trainers are taking up this mantel bringing fresh ideas to a magical healing tool. In 1996 he met Gunnel Minett who has supported him ever since in bringing his radical ideas on Codependency & Addiction to breathwork and relationship technology. David highly recommends her latest book EXHALE as introduction to a powerful healing force, a solution for emotional detox and the future of breathwork.

In 2010 he was brought to Australia again by Bronwyn Barter to be made an Honorary Member of the Australian Academy of Rebirthing & Breathwork, accredited to the Australian Government Body, in recognition of over 20 years service to breathwork, a pioneering approach to Rebirthing and his groundbreaking work around addictive patterning.


10570275_10152898518950149_332370818695223401_nI’m Ted, 23 years old, and I first discovered ‘New Style’ Rebirthing Breathwork through David Parker, ( here on the right of this pic ) a Breathworker with 25 years experience, after he suggested I try breath work and I trust his sound judgement so I decided to come to an individual 3 hour session and give it a go.

But from someone who has been diagnosed bi-polar (rapid-cycling) for 7 years and suffered many ins and outs of depression, medication, therapists and institutions, at first I was sceptical and I also find communicating with people and systems somewhat of a task due to my Aspergers (High-Functioning) syndrome, diagnosed in my teenage years. I was not convinced that breathing would really have that much of an impact on me. I had done meditation and Bikram yoga which both centre heavily around breathing and mostly the outcomes of these activities had been a headache or general exhaustion.

Most importantly I have found Rebirthing breath work to be the most effective form of therapy in helping me through tough patches of depression. And if we consider that I have been through many a psychiatric professional, various institutions and 13 different medications over 6 years I think you can agree that this is somewhat of a profound discovery.

What Breathwork does is it gets you past your intellectual barriers and complicated head based reasoning and puts you into your body. It reaches deep into your soul and gives it a good massage and a shake. What this allows you to do is become unstuck. One of my biggest difficulties with depression is getting stuck. Either in a hole or a loop or a sticky pool of mud. Regardless of the work I have done the day before I wake up the next day in the same pool of shit I started in the day before. This winter I experienced this cycle for an excruciating 4 months and I am still not entirely free of it. However, when I have attend a breath work session it has always shifted something. I can’t always put my finger on what but I can feel that within me something has moved. This in turn has helped to remove me partially if not entirely out of my loop/whole/pool of mud in the space of a few hours.

This is incredible!

Never before could anything get me out of these ruts. Only recreational drugs or extreme life situations ever had any effect; and these two options come with negative longterm consequences whereas breath work does not. Price wise it is even reasonable. Especially compared to other alternative therapies and private medical care. For me I have found accessing therapies through the NHS extremely traumatic and the end result was that I was left on drugs without monitoring or any sort of talking/holistic therapies. Rebirthing breath work has begun a process in me. And I will continue to use it as therapeutic tool for as long as it serves me. I have huge gratitude for David and the assistants who help him in URBAN LIFECLASS group sessions, for showing me breath work and allowing me some release and progress from depression. This is how Breathwork makes me feel : Refreshed, ALIVE, Energised and FREE . . .

by Ted Rogers : Dancer/Performer/Writer/Artist/ Blogger/Poet/Model/Stylist


Private 121 Breathwork sessions in London are in the Euston area.

Those new to Breathwork may need a series of 3 hour sessions, including Coaching ( up to 5 sessions ) £150 per session. 2 hour sessions for those experienced over 5 sessions £120. PAYPAL Available.

A Free 2 hour Introduction ( without Breathwork ) to explain benefits of the process and case study observations is available to start with, holding no obligation to continue. https://rebirthyourlife.me/contact/