Coaching & Somatic Breathwork Experience


DAVID PARKER  has over 30 years experience as a Somatic Breathworker, Relationship Coach & Trainer, leading Residentials, Seminars and Workshops in the UK, Australia, South America, Morocco, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Spain and Goa in India. He lives in Central London.

In 1963 David started a 25 year career in Advertising age 16, working in the Music, Fashion, Branding and Retail Industries as a Graphic Designer.

His second career started in 1988 when he had his first Rebirthing session and after a 3 year training in LONDON with Diana Roberts, Sondra Ray & Bob Mandel, David became a qualified Loving Relationship Training (LRT) Rebirthing Breathworker & Relationship Coach in 1991. He now combines Breathwork with Codependency Recovery material to assist those dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, as well as compulsive patterning.

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images-1But his real adventure began in October 1982 when he had his last alcohol & drug binge and has remained clean of mood altering substances, sober & nicotine free ever since, setting him aside from other trainers in terms of addiction recovery, pragmatism and approach.

This rare wealth of experience includes him sero-converting incurable chronic active Hepatitis B in 1996, without medication, using only Evolutionary Breathwork.

He has worked with those affected by HIV/AIDS since 1984, and between 1994 – 96 on an HIV/AIDS project secretly funded by George Michael and Elton John, assisting those in hospices to complete their lives peacefully using Conscious Connected Breathwork.  His work now involves moving forward in Codependency and Addiction Recovery that mirrors the new millennia, not New Age rhetoric.

He also recovery coaches those who need harm reducing tactics or support in cutting out harmful routes of emotional escape. 


He states ” Rebirthing must move into the ‘Internet Age” and face reality head-on. Coaching with ‘feet on the ground’ is essential” without guru-style teachings, religious connotations and the concept of physical immortality. 

Focusing instead on current theories of Evolutionary Psychology, Codependency release, Addiction recovery, current practice of the Conscious Connected Breathing Technique, a non-religious approach to spirituality and a peer-group self-help approach to psychotherapy.

Somatic Breathwork has moved on.

2017 Portrait of David by Andy Jackson / Innsbruck Austria

76d7b2457f16f4aa11b77d8926e48ff8-bandera-del-coraz-n-gay-by-vexelsIn 1994 David created QUEER LOVE QUEST, the 1st LGBTQ Rebirthing Breathwork Programme in Europe and was invited onto the Official 1998 EUROPRIDE Itinerary in Stockholm SWEDEN with Seminars on HIV/AIDS, Addictions, Codependency and Spirituality.

In millennium year 2000, London’s weekly TIME OUT Magazine called him CLUBLAND’S THERAPIST as his clientele included DJs, promoters, music, media & fashion tribes, but over the past decade his major market has been lawyers, investment bankers and city boys, feeling stress and challenges of current financial and world changes.

His global groupwork however, attracts a more general mix of traffic, with common relationship issues, fear of change and compulsive behaviours as themes that warrant solution and maintained recovery.

images-1In 2010 he was made an Honorary Member of The Australian Academy of Breathwork – for his groundbreaking work and service over 2 decades as a Breathworker, Life Style Coach & Trainer.

In 2018 an opportunity arose to combine Evolutionary Breathwork with Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, to work with the leading UK facilitators of EFP, for the release of emotional trauma and memory. Both powerful healing modalities for those stuck, held back or not living to full satisfaction.

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Adult Children of Alcoholics : For over 2 decades he has specialised in working bar-and-grill-e1489959426769with adults, home and abroad, affected by alcohol or other addictions during childhood and beyond – and how it affects their adult relationships.

David works in 121, groups & SKYPE Coaching with all age groups, sexualities and genders, including transgender and those non-binary.

1.2.1 sessions, Skype Coaching, overseas organising and public speaking can easily be booked with David.

36926045_10157758446564966_5284734155651809280_nIn 2018 David presented Evolutionary Breathwork to LINKLATERS Global Law Group for their Visability Network Employee Support Structure.

In September 2018 David Parker & Mike Delaney created the 1st Workshop ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD of Evolutionary Breathwork & Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy.