EXPAND Your Market









” what you focus on EXPANDS ” 

CHECK OUT the windows of opportunity all around you.

It’s true that many practitioners, actors and creative freelancers are enthusiastic about their craft but not so enthused at promoting themselves into the market place. When confronted with writing about themselves many go into freeze framed inertia.

DAVID PARKER worked in Advertising, Graphics and Marketing for 25 years before pursuing his path today and offers his experienced pragmatism in creating and EXPANDING your clientele.

Research has proved that many graduates of Complimentary Healthcare feel inadequately trained for the realities of maintaining a practice. If this happens it’s easy to blame the school or training facility when after 3 months of graduation few clients are found – but the real stumbling block lies within the mindset of the individual.

. . . and check out Photographer http://www.ilanbresler.com/ Ilan took the amazing ‘windows’ shot above, thanx Ilan 🙂

David offers an Evening Talk, a One Day Seminar or a Weekend Training with small groups and training schools to create promotional material, Goal planning and Prosperity Consciousness as a base for localised aftercare.

A tailor made Seminar can be created for your mailing list.


David, I loved your workshop “Expand Your Market”.

What I got from it mostly was; that we need to expand ourselves and then give THAT to the world. I was thrilled by the vision that you laid down for us to walk on. And showed us how it is done!! As a result of your workshop, a whole new group of your participants have come together to support each other to ‘strut their stuff’  on their new path to success. Congratulations, you left a legacy!! –

Bronwyn Barter / President of  The Australian Academy of Rebirthing & breathwork.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

FABULOUS! thank you for challenging me to view with ease any blocks or resistance to MASSIVE SUCCESS! I feel tonight has realigned me to my ability to get clear and allow the world to have access to what it is I can do and what they want done! – G. E. South Australia

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

australiaAdelaideIt was only a short evening 3 hour workshop but I personally had a few major : A Ha”s “. I also feel after the blogging segments not as apprehensive about connecting socially or promoting my skills via the computer. – M. B. Adelaide

Excellent info and sharing of experience by David. Recently I was asked about blogs and Facebook and I was negative about them both. My view has changed.

T.A. Adelaide

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

David,  I love your energy and presence , Thank you for tripping DOWN-!UNDER! You’ve helped me to notice why I have kept myself STUCK. No more! Mark /Adelaide