‘Let’s Get Clear On the Year’ with Breathwork. January 1st 2019 ATHENS, Greece.


You could spend the 1st day of the New Year recovering from the night before – most do of course, but if you feel the flavour of something different, we may have the answer. New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of time if you haven’t cleared the past, or dealt with the impact of change around what you deem to halt or grow.

Give it a GO and BREATHE.

Spending a day in Athens CLEARING OUT LAST YEAR could be your best move in 2019 before you start the NEW ONE.

This workshop  focuses on the power of EVOLUTIONARY BREATHWORK to release trapped emotions, heal the past and embrace altered consciousness. Do check out the testimonials on this site to discover benefits for relaxation and emotional clearing and attend yourself to experience a euphoric process of continued well-being with breathing techniques to take away.

Nana 13

Led by David Parker 


DAVID PARKER  has over 30 years experience as a Somatic Breathworker, Relationship Coach & Trainer, leading Residentials, Seminars and Workshops in the UK, Australia, South America, Morocco, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Spain and Goa in India. He lives in Central London.

Time / Venue / Cost / Contact

to follow 

HOLD THE DATE January 1st 2019




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